Friday, May 4, 2012


I love spring!  This year we have had such a beautiful spring in our part of the country.  It started early and we have had just the right amount of rain.  As each different type of flower blooms I think, oh, these are my favorite!  So I guess I have lots of favorites, but irises are definitely one of them.  So far I only have yellow ones but down the road a couple miles we found some in the ditch so we might go dig a few up and add them to our yard.  I love planting flowers and planning flower beds, I have hopes for a bridge over the slough that runs behind our house but we'll see if that ever becomes reality. 
One thing that has been really fun this spring is our new little miniature horse, Trigger.  She is pretty tame and looks like a live stuffed animal!  It's fun to watch her go tearing across the yard.  It's always been my dream to have miniature horses and now it's come true!  I'm so glad our boys get to experience all these things.  Country life is the best!

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