Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moms and quilts

My Mom and me many years ago!

A good mom is a true blessing and I definitely have been blessed.  Thank you for always being there for us Mom, you are wonderful! 

This has sure been a busy weekend with graduations and Mother's day and all.  My sweet sister graduated from high school on Saturday.  She is excited about leaving for college in the fall but the rest of us are sure going to miss her.  A couple months ago I decided to make a quilt for her graduation gift, but since I didn't work on it as hard as I should have at first I ended up working on it like crazy this last week, trying to get it done in time for this weekend.  I made it with scraps, some are about as old as I am.  (Hopefully they won't tear right away- being so old!)  I love making scrap quilts, it's fun to work with what you have and make it look pretty.  Here's the finished product-
Hope you all had a good Mother's day weekend as well- our boys gave me some earrings and a tea spoon and Andy made me dinner.  They take good care of me!


  1. That's beautiful Carmen! Scrap quilts ARE the best!

  2. Beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.


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