Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four reasons why I know it's summertime

1. The mulberries are ripe!  Here in Kansas there are mulberry trees that grow wild everywhere- along the creeks, in pastures, and right outside our back door.  As a kid I loved eating mulberries, they're sweet and juicy and as I discovered as I got older, usually a little buggy, so now I just let the kids eat them.  A good memory I have is when I was little we were driving in the pickup out checking cattle in the pasture and there were some mulberry trees on the side of the dirt road we were on, so my dad stopped, cut off a branch with his knife, and let me eat mulberries off it while we drove.  Having mulberry trees right outside your back door also means your boys' feet end up looking like this!
2. Our middle son's cat had four babies yesterday.  Usually with outside cats you don't find their kittens for a while but this was a new mama so she just had hers out in the grass and we found them when they were still wet.  Our son is very proud to now have 5 cats to call his own!  And yes, he's holding all four of the babies in this picture.
3. There is more time for the boys to work with their dad.  Our oldest has been helping out in the shop some and they have all been helping with putting up a fence in the evenings.  I'm so thankful that Andy works at home now, it's wonderful.
4. I had time to clean our bedroom, and no, I'm not going to show you a picture of that!  But I'm glad to have it done.  (:

Hope you all enjoy this great time of year at your house too--

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