Friday, May 11, 2012

Garage Sale Loot

One of the benefits of having to go to the doctor every week is that my mom and I get to go garage saling every week now with no guilt!  I make sure to make my appointments for Thursdays so we can hit the first day of sales.  Last week must have been a bad week or something because we didn't find anything but a scooter for our youngest son, but this week restored my faith in garage saling again! (:

I love pretty dishes and probably have way too many of them already, but it's one of my weaknesses.  So, I was very happy to find all these at different sales for a total of $6!  The teacup has a little chip in it but it's so pretty, I love pink rose teacups, so I think I'll put a plant in it.  I didn't have any green transferware before but these were too good of a deal to pass up, I'm not sure what to do with them.  One of the boys suggested we use red for Christmas, blue for Thanksgiving, and green for Easter!  And then the little red transferware decorative plate has a cute poem on it-

As I was wandering oer the green
Not knowing where I went
By chance I saw a pleasant scene
The cottage of content.

I hope that our home will be a place of content for all who enter- maybe I should do some cleaning then instead of blogging...

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  1. Carmen,
    My mom found a bunch of that green dishware at a garage sale years ago and I always loved looking at the different patterns-I think there are looks very similar anyway! How fun! I'd love to have tea with you sometime-your tea on the front porch looked so inviting!


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