Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have good memories of eating apricots from our fruit trees when I was a kid, so I was so happy to find out we had 2 apricot trees when we moved here last year!  Our neighbor said he used to come and pick apricots from these trees when he was a kid, but he thought they didn't bear fruit anymore since they were so old.  But this spring they bloomed.  Often apricot blossoms will freeze where we live, I've heard before that they only bear every seven years here.  But this was a good year for apricots I guess, because we have apricots now!  They taste just as good as I remember.
The trees are right next to an old stone house that is on our property, so it makes me wonder how old the trees are.
The kids think it's fun to go eat some apricots whenever they want-
Our little filly, Trigger, likes to eat them too. (:  She has been so much fun to have around this spring!  It's so funny to see such a little horse go tearing across the yard. 

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