Saturday, June 2, 2012

Home sweet home

Isn't home a wonderful place to be?  I love being at home- although last night when Andy surprised me by taking me out for supper I loved that too!  (:  God has blessed us with a wonderful place to live.  Last weekend as we were driving through the mountains we were talking about the huge houses we saw and how much they must cost.  One of the boys said when he grew up he didn't want to have such a huge house because it wouldn't be very homey.  I guess he must be happy with our house! (: 

I enjoy changing the decorations around from time to time, this is the summer look in the kitchen.  My mom did the sunflower arrangement for me.  You know, one thing about having only boys is that no one notices when I do things like this!  I always make sure and point it out to them though. (:  Oh well, having pretty decorations around makes me happy anyways- and I'm pretty sure that they would notice if I never put anything out at all! (:

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