Monday, June 25, 2012

Five year old reasoning

Our little AJ is really thinking things through these days.  It's so funny the things he comes up with!  He is learning that God made the world and everything in it, so we have daily discussions about how God made everything, but then people take the things that God made and make other things, like houses, chocolate chip cookies, etc. 

Well, one day AJ said, "I think God forgot when he made Bud Light."  I guess God didn't realize that might be a bad thing to make???

As we were driving home from church yesterday he said, "I think the gas slowly leaks out of the car, that's why we have to fill it up with gas every once in a while."  I had to let Andy explain that one!

The other day AJ told Andy he knew how they make scooters.  He said, "First they take scooter juice, pour it in a machine, and out comes a scooter!"

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