Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grandma's recipes on my wall

My Grandma died back when I was in college, and when we were dividing up her things I was the recipient of her cook book.  She had all kinds of scraps of paper tucked in the pages, with recipes written on them, or cooking tips, or health information.  She was very health conscious because she had type 1 diabetes.  Certain pages are very well used so it was easy to tell what were her favorite recipes though!  One of those was the recipe for sweet roll dough, it can be used for rolls or cinnamon rolls.  I've made it quite a few times myself and it is a good recipe! 
I also have a cook book that was hand written by my Great-grandma, when she was 90 years old.  She died when I was still a child, but I have lots of memories of going to visit her at the nursing home.  She always had candy in her dresser and we kids could each have a piece when we came to visit.

For a while now I have wanted to frame some of their handwritten recipes and put them up in my kitchen.  So this week I had some time one day and decided to do it.  I made copies with the scanner so I could make the recipes fit my 5x7 frames.  They still didn't fit quite right so I used scrapbooking paper at the top and bottom.  It was hard to get a good picture of them because of lighting and my camera skills aren't too great but you get the idea.  It was a fun project!


  1. This is GREAT! I love this idea. Can you pass on Grandma's sweet roll recipe?

    1. Sure, I'll send you the scan of the cook book page. Hope you had fun in Canada!

  2. Great idea! I'll have to try this for some of my relatives recipes.


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