Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Old News

Recently the old newspapers from our small town
were put online.  So I have been doing a bit of research
on the family that homesteaded our land and built
the limestone house that still stands here.
I was so pleased to find their daughter, Alice's,
obituary and read more about her.  She died in 1946.
"Alice as she was known to this community was born and
spent her whole life on the farm, homesteaded by her father.
A quiet kind and faithful wife, ever ready to do her part.
The last two years of her life were years of suffering.
It was then she sought comfort in God's word.
God in his mercy spoke to her soul.
When her friends told her, they were praying for her,
she expressed her gratitude to them."
It will be interesting to visit with her in heaven someday!

If you haven't heard the original story of our stone house, click here,
and if you would like to see more about Alice, click here.
I'm joining this Cottage Style Party and this Home Party

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to find out more about Alice! The history of that limestone house is wonderful to know - if only walls could talk! Thanks for sharing. I would love to see more pictures of the limestone house, especially inside!


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