Monday, August 12, 2013

Elderberries and Tea

Last year at this time, things were so dry, there was no water in
our creek, the ponds in the area were all dry, or just mud puddles,
the leaves were falling off the trees, and everything was brown.
But this year?  Totally different!  We have had so much rain already
this month that we are the 3rd wettest August on record, and we
are only 12 days into it!  So today, for tea, I wanted to have it down
by our slough, so I could listen to the water as I drank.

Along with mint tea I made some elderberry muffins this morning.
Last week I noticed we have some elderberry bushes growing in the
ditch down the road from us.  Elderberries are very healthy for you
and are supposed to boost your immune system.  I had never cooked
with them before, but these muffins turned out great!  I just used
our favorite blueberry muffin recipe, and substituted elderberries.
Above are what elderberries look like, and below is their flower.
Very pretty, don't you think?
So now if you have some growing in your ditch you know
what they are and you can make some muffins too.
Isn't this tea cup so pretty?  It is called "Girl at Well" by Spode.

I love teacups with flowers inside, they are such fun to drink from!

While I drank my tea SJ and DJ were enjoying the water also!

As were our cattle- I think they wondered what in the world
we were doing, they kept mooing at us.


  1. This is a beautiful setting for tea! I hope we receive more rain soon. Your guys are certainly enjoying themselves. The Spode cup and saucer is special with the addition of the elderberry muffins. Have a fun summer with your family!


  2. The rain must be so refreshing after the drought last year. Love the teacup!

  3. Hi Carmen,
    I haven't had elderberries in years but I remember how good they were. I love your red Spode teacup; it's beautiful! We are having a wonderful August this year so far. The grass is lush and green from all the rain we've had. There are more mosquitoes however. So happy you could join me for tea this week.


  4. When we had an elderberry bush, I ate them every morning, just grabbed a handful in passing so I can imagine how tasty your muffins are.

  5. Hi Carmen: I have never had elderberries. They look like they would be so good. Your Spode is just stunning. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  6. I must admit, I have never had Elderberry - I've seen berries that looked like these, but not the flowers beforehand - probably not the same - so much rain this year!!! Love your serene time outdoors, enjoying the day - wonderful muffins and tea in a gorgeous cup - it is so sweet! Your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,



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