Monday, August 5, 2013

Top Ten Boys Toys

Here at our house we have five sons, each one unique with different personalities and talents, but over and over again these toys have proven their worth- so here you go- our top ten most favorite toys for boys.
1.  A trampoline.  This thing is like a magnet.  If the boys are getting too restless for the house and I send them outside, this is where they go first.  Yes, I know, trampolines are not the safest thing in the world, but when have you known boys to be safe?  In this photo they are playing karate, by the way.
2. Legos.  This is the best toy by far at our house- at least for indoors.  There are endless possibilities of things to build and play with.  One of the best toys ever invented in my opinion!
3. Toy guns and swords.  Yea, this might be a little bit politically incorrect.  But boys are made to want to protect and defend from the "bad guys".  They love playing spies, cowboys and Indians, or hunting.
4. Bikes.  Every boy needs his own mode of transportation.  We enjoy going on bike rides as a family- plus it's good exercise!
5.  Hot Wheels cars and tracks.  These are also a great indoor toy for those times when it's too cold, too hot, too rainy, too snowy, etc. to play outside.  Our boys have had lots of fun figuring out which car is fastest.  Added plus- they're not too expensive!
6.  The Wii.  We got a Wii for Christmas a few years back, and it is a lot of fun.  You can play with several people at once, so it's more interactive than a lot of video games.  Another great toy for when the natives are getting restless.
7.  Remote Control vehicles.  These don't always last very long, at least at our house, but they are lots of fun while they do- so it's a bit of a toss up whether they are worth it or not.  We have especially enjoyed the r/c helicopters.

8.  Train track sets.  Our boys have spent lots of time putting together train tracks.  We like the GeoTrax variety, but any kind would be fun.
9. Fishing poles and tackle.  I'm not sure if this is really a toy, but our family really enjoys going fishing together.  The kids each have their own tackle box and they like to trade lures, bobbers and hooks.  I'll admit some of the boys like fishing a lot better than others, but there's always something fun to do when you're by water, even if you don't fish.
10.  Blankets.  Not only are blankets great for sleeping, they also have a lot of other uses at our house.  Our kids each have their big blanket for sleeping, then they have a couple other smaller ones that are used for eating ice cream on in the family room, building tent forts in the house, or tying around their necks for a cape.

So there you have it, our family's 10 favorite boy toys.  Now you have an idea of what to get the boys in your life for Christmas! (:

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