Friday, April 19, 2013

Thinking about Alice

Along the way to the stone house is this old barn foundation.
Now it's all covered with vinca vines, planted by someone years ago.
As I was walking past this afternoon I noticed something I'd never
seen before.  There at the end of the cement walkway through
the middle of the barn was this name and date.

Alice was the only daughter of the man who built the stone house
back in 1882.  In 1911 she would have been 22 years old.

Do you ever imagine what people might have been doing 100 years
ago, on the same spot where you live now?  I can just picture young
Alice, heading out to pick some spring flowers for their table.

Maybe she stopped to rest and look out at the prairie grass
and listen to the birds singing up a storm like they were today.

People who built their homes out of stone back then wanted
their place to endure.  They had an eye for the future.
Unfortunately for Mr. Cox, who built our stone house,
his family did not endure to live and farm on the place
for generations, but that's another story.

Home is such a nice place to be, and I can imagine young
Alice setting her pretty flowers on their dining room table.
She lived her whole life here at the stone house.
Here is a link to the story of the beginning of our stone house.
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  1. Hi Camen,
    I love to imagine who lived in the old house back off the road a ways. It is falling in and abandoned. But at one time, a family lived there and apple pies were baked for the family. I can imagine the laughter of children as they played about the yard and I can imagine the clothesline filled with clothes flapping in the wind. It is sad but life does go on.
    I enjoyed hearing about young Alice and I am so happy you have shared this with us at my HOME. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  2. Sorry, I meant to write Carmen! Have a nice day...Sandi

  3. Thank you Carmen for sharing your lovely post - we have several old homestead spots in our little old town - I too wonder about past lives and love seeing little mementos from these families - I will be sharing your post in my next Home and Garden Thursday,

  4. Hi Carmen,
    Hope your day is going well. Just wanted you to know that I have featured your post at my HOME party this week. Have a lovely week.


  5. Thanks for featuring my post Kathy and Sandi, I appreciate it!

  6. I so enjoyed this post about Alice Cox and the beautiful old stone house she lived in. I read your history of the house as well. Such a shame it's not being used but I suppose it would cost a fortune to restore it. Your photos are beautiful and heart warming. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Thank you for this lovely, Alice story :)

    100 years ago, on this very spot where I am now living, you ask ??? Well, right now I'm in an apartment, whose name is The Tannery - ergo, 100 years ago, there was a thriving tannery business right here! There are many historic places in this small Southern town in which I presently live (including what is now a museum - the place where Stonewall Jackson set-up shop, in what was then someone's farmhouse!) but I have to admit to being partial to an actual business!


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