Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Time Tea

Would you like to join Miss E and I for a little tea
party in the secret garden today?  Follow the path
through the woods, we're waiting for you!

The daffodils that we planted last year are blooming
so beautifully right now, and the weather is perfect today!

Miss E is wondering why I'm taking so many
pictures instead of drinking our tea...
She is slowly feeling better after her surgery
a week ago.  But she still is taking Tylenol
for the pain.  She's been a trooper though.

We are enjoying some mint green tea today,
sweetened with honey.  It was delicious!

This cute little rose candy dish was a gift
from AJ for Christmas. 

Taking time to stop and smell the daffodils!

Thanks for your visit!
And I hope your Easter week is a special
remembrance of all Jesus did for us on the cross,
as well as rejoicing that he gained the victory
over death when he rose from the dead!

I'm joining Sandi again today!


  1. What a fun secret garden tea party! Happy Easter!

  2. Oooh, I love a path through the woods and daffodils too! What fun! I do hope little Miss E is feeling so much better. Bless her heart! Your tea is delightful set there among the trees. Thank you for taking me along with you and joining me for Tea Time. A Very Blessed and Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family, Carmen!


  3. What a perfect place for tea! Love your gorgeous woods and walk. So pretty! And the china is lovely!

  4. A secret garden for tea. Special! I hope Miss E is feeling better and enjoying her tea. Lovely tea set. Happy Tea Day and Happy Easter!

  5. Beautiful day in your beautiful woods for tea time. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  6. I saw so many very pretty things to decorate your Tea Time. I love the quilt on the bench and the little quilt on the tea tray. Love all your daffodil flowers. I hope the little one will be feeling all better soon. Thank you for sharing.


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