Monday, March 23, 2015


Our day...

4:00am- alarm clock goes off, reminding me that today is Miss E's surgery day. She is having her tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes in her ears, and then a different surgeon will repair her old g-tube site, since it still leaks.
4:30- we are off on the hour drive to the hospital.
5:45- we arrive in pre-op, where the kind nurses blow bubbles for Miss E and play her princess movies while we go over paperwork.
6:40- I dress Miss E in her hospital gown and carry her down the hall where we leave her to be wheeled away on her hospital bed to anesthesia.  She looked so small and scared in her bed.  It was hard to watch her go...
6:45- we settle in the surgery waiting room and watch her id number on the screen to see how she's progressing, praying all the while that God will guide the surgeon's hands.
9:00- finally they call me back to the recovery room.  Miss E is crying and fighting the nurses who are trying to give her a breathing treatment.  They let me climb on the bed and hold her and she quickly calms down, but they begin her on oxygen since her levels are a bit low.  The nurse is sure we'll need to spend the night.
9:45- the nurses wheel me and Miss E upstairs to our regular room, where we meet up with Andy again.  Miss E is not herself, she acts a little loopy and just rests on my lap.  But they don't restart the oxygen and she does fine.
10:30- Miss E dozes on and off while watching cartoons.  Andy and I read our new Joel Rosenberg books while taking turns holding Miss E.  
12:00- I take a walk across the street and bring back some Chipotle for our dinner.  Miss E tried some applesauce and ate it all.
1:00- the nurse tells us if we can get Miss E to sleep and her oxygen levels stay up we might get to go home today.  We were not expecting that but it sounds good!
1:30- we finally get Miss E to sleep and her oxygen levels are still great!  Now if she can eat some mashed potatoes and not get sick we can go home!
4:00- Miss E wakes up from her nap, her tummy is a little sore and it's hard to wake up.  
4:30- Miss E wolfs down most of her mashed potatoes and more applesauce, things are looking good!
6:00- we receive permission from the doctors to be discharged, and are headed home.
7:00-while waiting on a prescription we head over to get some supper from Braums.  Miss E must be feeling better because she tries to steal Andy's fries!
8:30- we are home, and so glad we didn't have to spend the night in the hospital.  Miss E is subdued and quiet but doing pretty well for all she's been through today!

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