Monday, September 10, 2012

An Old Fashioned Girl

A while back my mom gave me some old books that belonged to my grandma
when she was young.  One of them was An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa
May Alcott.  I just finished reading it, it was a nice simple story about a girl
named Polly, who was an old-fashioned country girl and how she brightened
the lives of all who knew her.  In the front cover of the book is my grandma's name,
Margaret, and the year 1933.  She would have been 20 that year. 
Reading her book got me thinking about her.  She was an old-fashioned
country girl as well, who grew up in a family of 11 children.  The photo
above includes her wedding picture, one of her china plates, and the book.
This dogwood pattern of dishes must have been popular at that time,
because I have pieces of it from my grandma, my great-grandma,
and my great-aunt, all different families.  They don't have any
marking on the bottom so I'm not sure where they all got them from.
This photo of my grandma's family was taken in 1931, she is the
third from the right.  Most of the photos we have of our grandparents
are formal studio photos so I like this one that shows them in
real life.  My grandma was very practical and lived simply,
but she was very kind to us grandchildren, showing us her garden,
or playing with antique toys with us.  I often wish
I could talk to her again, she died when I was in college.
I hope that someday I can be a good grandma too!
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  1. Oh what a special vignette. I love it. I have seen that pattern so often too, it definitely was a popular one. Love the family pic, how special. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi Carmen,
    What a delightful post about your grandma! Judging by the photos, she was a beautiful lady, no doubt inside as well as out! The china is so very pretty too and is a real treasure.
    One of the most important people in my life {in my younger years} was my grandmother. I adored her! My parents were living with my grandparents when I came along, so Granny and I had a special connection. I think about her often even though she has been gone a very long time. I have written posts about her and I really treasure my memories of her!
    Thank you for sharing your heart-warming post with us and have a beautiful day.


  3. How sweet of you to remember your Grandma with this special post. Her dishes are beautiul and the book sounds so interesting. What wonderful treasures you have of her!

  4. Oh, what beautiful memories of your family and the special Grandma. I love the photos and the link of her book to you. I called my grandmother "Grandma" and fortunate we are to have these wonderful women in our lives. I will look for the book for it sounds like a great story. The dogwood pattern is very pretty and I love the tree blossoms in the spring peeping through out the woods.

    Thanks, Pam


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