Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It was high time for me to do some redecorating at our house- the Easter décor was gone and everything was looking a little sad and dusty.  So after finishing up I decided to share some of my favorite areas with you.  Sorry about the lighting, our house has very little natural light so it's hard to take great indoor photos.  But anyways, here's the mantle Andy made over our woodstove.  I used a farming theme for the summertime.  The wheat and milo are from our fields.

I love Paul Detlefsen artwork and was fortunate to find this one at an auction a few years ago.

Now on to the dining room and the pie safe.  This originally belonged to my great-grandparents and was painted green, I painted it red about 10 years ago and it is a great place to keep my red transferware collection.

This beautiful secretary desk was a gift from my parents in high school.  I love it!

I am joining A Return to Loveliness today.
I hope you are enjoying springtime wherever you are!

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