Friday, April 10, 2015

Lilac Tea

The long awaited lilacs have started blooming in front of the stone house,
so of course I had to stop for tea!  They smell beautiful, and like every
year I wish I could make these photos scratch and sniff, like the stickers
we used to have!  An old stump makes the perfect place to set my tea tray.

Do you get the Country Gardens magazine?  I really enjoy it.
This pretty tea cup goes well with our lilacs, even though
the flowers on it are hydrangeas, I believe.  It is really
difficult to find china with lilacs, at least for me.

 And without faith it is impossible to please God,
because anyone who comes to him
must believe that he exists
and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

I made sure the younger kids came over and
stopped to smell the lilacs too~
I sure do wish we had the time to fix up the old stone house.
Maybe one day we will...
If you want to know more of it's history,
there's a link on the sidebar.

I'm joining Home and garden Thursday today!

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