Friday, April 24, 2015

Duck, duck, goose- are you it?

~we got 10 little ducks in the mail this week, so cute!~
We first met Miss E 8 months ago, and now she feels so completely ours!  Only God could have orchestrated our lives to come together like they did, and just how she fits in with our family so well, it's amazing.  But there are many others just like her that are still waiting...
For the last 8 months I have not let myself look at our state waiting child lists, because I was afraid to look.  But last night I looked again, just to see if the girls we had looked at were all adopted now.  But they're not.  Of the girls ages 12 and under that we were looking at, 23 of those that were on the list 8 months ago are still there.  23!  And it gets worse.  There are 4 girls under age 12 that were on the waiting list 3 years ago, when we first started looking.  Is there really nowhere for them to go?  I know they have troubled pasts and they would have their difficult moments, but they are worth it.  Surely there is someone out there who God is calling to be their Mom and Dad- maybe it's you?
If you have questions about adopting through foster care I would love to talk with you!  If you would like to view our state's waiting child lists, click here.

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