Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas past

So, are you thinking about Christmas yet?
The Christmas music has been playing around here
for a few weeks now, and at night I think about how
I'm going to decorate the tree this year!  So for fun,
I thought we would take a look at Christmas past today!
It's interesting to see how the Christmas tree styles
have changed over the years.  So here's three generations
of my family, standing in front of the Christmas tree.

~Christmas 1965~

I love this old German feather tree, and the little village
underneath it!  My mom, (in the photo above with her brothers)
 still puts up this same tree every year in her spare bedroom
with many of the same ornaments!

~Christmas 1988~

Remember the artificial trees with the big fat branches? 
And the gold tinsel and colored, blinking, lights?  The lights
on Christmas trees don't blink anymore.  The photo above is
me with my three brothers.

~Christmas 2010~

Our Christmas tree is loaded with ornaments now.
Each of our kids has their own bagful, and Andy and I
each have some from when we were young.  Each ornament
is a special memory, and it's so fun decorating our tree
each year!  Only a couple more weeks!

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