Thursday, July 3, 2014

The White Water Post Office

Can you imagine living 142 years ago, starting your own home
out in the middle of the prairie, with no phone, radio, or tv,
and the nearest mail being 10 miles away by horse or wagon?
That was what life was like for the people who first settled
on our land.  They didn't hear the outside news very often!
So I'm sure they were so excited when a new mail route was
made, with the first post office in their area being built only
a mile away!  The post office was named White Water, after
the creek that runs just to the east of it.  All that remains now
of the post office is two big oak trees out in the middle of the
field, and, as I discovered this year, some daylilies growing in the ditch!

The post office was named White Water, as you can see in
the northwest corner of the 1885 map below, but after awhile it
was renamed to Ovo or Ova, I've seen it written both ways.
They received their mail once or twice a week.
I'm sure they were always so excited for any letters
from back home in the east.  It is likely that the
man who built our stone house found his bride
through the mail that came to this post office,
since she came from Ohio to marry him at the age
of 19, and he was 49! 

So it is likely that the
daylilies that are blooming so well in the ditch
this year, have been faithfully blooming
there each summer for over 100 years.
I wonder what the lady was like who planted them
so long ago?
~I dug a few up and planted them by our house~

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