Thursday, July 17, 2014

If you are considering abortion...

Did you know that 92% of all the children with Down Syndrome
in the United States are aborted?
Did you know that in New York City more African American
babies were aborted in 2012 than were born alive?

~This is just so heart-wrenching to me~
If you are in that desperate situation, where you don't see any
choice but abortion, maybe you don't see how you can provide
for your baby, or maybe you don't see how you can take care of
a child with special needs, please find a crisis pregnancy center
in your area, they have many resources to help you.  If you truly
find that you are unable to keep your child, please consider adoption!
We love all our children so much, and are so blessed to have
received four of them through the miracle of adoption.  Each
one is so precious, and our love for them is the same as if they had
been born to us.  If you want more information on adoption,
please contact me, there are many wonderful families who
would be honored to adopt your child, including ours!
Trust me, your child is wanted.

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