Monday, July 15, 2013

Tea in the Garden

Welcome to my garden for a little tea and cherries!
Looks like there's a tomato or two to pick.

Did you notice my new blue transferware tea pot?
I was so excited to get it for only $8.50 on Ebay-
with free shipping it was a great deal!  I actually felt
a little sorry for the person who sold it to me.

The teapot is made by Booths and is called "English Scenery".
Of course I like the country scene it depicts on the front as well as the lid.
The plate and tea cup are both called "Liberty Blue" and depict
the Old North Church, Monticello and Paul Revere, from Colonial times.
Transferware is such fun to collect.  It's my weakness...
How is your garden growing?
We are enjoying tomatoes, lots of onions, peppers,
and just starting on the sweet corn!  Lots of goodness
out there, speaking of which, I really ought to go weed...


  1. So very beautiful! I have the same set in red. One of my very favorites!
    Blessings, Martha

  2. Hi Carmen,
    What a deal you got on the teapot! It is so pretty and I love your blue and white china. Transferware is my weakness too but I can't find any of the red and white around here, unfortunately. So happy you could join me for tea this week.


  3. You shouldn't feel sorry for the seller of the teapot, it has come to a loving home and is gorgeous.
    I enjoyed your collages for tea this week.

  4. Looks like we both got very good deals on our tea items! Your teapot is so precious and your teacup, too! I felt the same way as you when I paid so little, but I do donate a lot of things back to the same thrift shop. I see you read Country Garden magazine, me too! Happy tea day!

  5. This is a lovely garden tea! Love your new teapot - what an amazing deal - so happy for you! Your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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