Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baking up a Storm

The oven is working overtime today at our house!
This morning we made apple pie, pumpkin pie, and berry crisp.
Whenever I peel apples little people show up
to eat the peelings!
SJ had to help me roll out the pie dough.  He's so funny!
Now this afternoon I have to make cranberry bread and cranberry jello.
Everything else will have to wait for tomorrow!
We're going to start a new tradition this year.  I thought it
would be fun to keep track of what we were thankful for
from year to year, and decided to write it down in this notebook.
We're going to start with the youngest, and each list three
things with no repeats, so we don't end up with God,
family, and friends over and over. (:
He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me,
and he prepares the way so that I may
show him the salvation of God.
Psalm 50:23
I'm joining Sandi for her Home Party today.


  1. Handsome kitchen helpers! I like the idea of a thankful journal.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. You have wonderful help in the kitchen. I've never been a lover of pumpkin pie, but I do like apple! Great idea for the thankful journal. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy HOME!

  3. What cuties you have as helpers! What a sweet idea to keep a thankfulness journal. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Ah, the joy of having little helpers in the kitchen! Carmen, it sounds like you're going to have quite a feast tomorrow! Thank you for sharing at my HOME and I wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.



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