Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just Say Yes

I am all torn up inside.  For at least a year I haven't looked at the waiting children photo listings from our state, because I knew we weren't going to adopt now and it would just make me sad.  But this week, I looked, and I was heartbroken to find that Mimi, the girl we almost adopted, and T and J, two sisters that we almost adopted, are all back on the photolisting, still waiting!  What?  I had thought that they were chosen to be in other families, so that's why we weren't able to adopt them, and so I figured they were all adjusting to their new homes by now.  But there they were.  I don't know why they weren't adopted, something must not have worked out.  Besides those three girls, there were at least 10 other girls on the photolisting that were there back when we were waiting to adopt Miss E. 

Some have been waiting over four years for a family.

I can't imagine how it would feel to be a kid waiting for years for someone to adopt you.  You would feel so abandoned and unstable. 

Do you feel like God might be asking you to adopt one of these waiting kids?
If He is, we would encourage you to just say YES!

Adoption isn't easy at all, it's not easier than pregnancy, it's not something to go into on a whim, and it will challenge you and grow your faith in ways you can't imagine.  But it is definitely worth it!

These kids need a home.

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