Monday, June 2, 2014

Tea and Strawberries

The strawberries we planted last year are producing very well
these days, so we have definitely been enjoying them!
How does some mint tea and strawberries sound?

Doesn't the red transferware look great with the red strawberries?
I chose pieces with a cottage theme.  The teacup pictures Anne Hathaway's
cottage.  She was the wife of William Shakespeare.  I would love to visit
England one day and see a street like the one on the platter!


Lest you think my life is perfect, and I just sit around planning
tea parties all day- this is what I was looking at as I drank my tea.
I thought maybe I should show you reality!  Our old mower got
a flat tire when I was half done mowing, and there it sits, waiting
for my husband to come home and fix it!

But I don't want to leave you with that photo.
I hope you have time in your day to stop and
enjoy a little tea and the beauty around you!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control.
Galatians 5:22-23
I am joining Sandy's Tea Time Tuesday.


  1. Hi Carmen,
    I love your red transferware and the berries look scrumptious! Looks like you have a big lawn to cut too. My son's ride on just died on him so he's been using the push mower. No fun on a hot day cutting all that grass. Thank you for stopping by for tea and have a beautiful day.


    1. Thanks Sandi, and thanks for hosting the tea party every week!

  2. Just love your pretty tea table. I love red transferware, and that's a favorite pattern of mine. Our strawberry farms are producing now as well...they are wonderful, aren't they?

  3. That red china is beautiful! I don't know how many times we planted strawberries, then moved. I hope one day to have a big patch of them! Any particular kind you would recommend?

    1. Not really, mine were just free with a coupon! As far as moving goes, I can empathize, at least you were trying to bloom where you were planted!

  4. I really like your pretty tea table today. I don't get to eat strawberries due to a bad allergy to them. But I do love to see them.

  5. I’m visiting from Tea Time Tuesday. Such a lovely post and your strawberries on the red transferware is a feast for the eyes. I love that sweet pattern. Happy Summer.............

  6. You have really used red to your advantage with the red transferware, bench and strawberries. It was probably break time for tea anyway when the tire went flat!

  7. Love the red transferware and the strawberries on the red bench. Perfect! Happy Tea Day!

  8. Your transfer ware is stunning, especially on that beautiful red bench. Both your Meakin and Johnson Bro. patterns are so lovely. And thank you for your dose of reality. Lucky you to have a good crop of strawberries this year.


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