Saturday, June 21, 2014

Getting Ready

Anytime I bring up anything related to school this summer
our boys tell me to be quiet, so I am quietly preparing for
next year, because we have decided to homeschool our youngest
two, SJ and AJ for second grade.  I am collecting books and ideas,
which is really one of the funnest parts of homeschooling,
and thinking through our schedule and what we want to accomplish.
I like simplicity as far as school is concerned,
and one book I have appreciated is called
She has a lot of back to basics ideas, which I like.
I also like a literature rich curriculum,
so a lot of the books we are using are
We are using a different math curriculum,
called Life of Fred, which I am looking forward to.
Hopefully our kids will like it, it uses stories to teach math.
I have selected Read Aloud books with an American
History theme, and we plan to take advantage of
local museums and go on lots of field trips.
I am hopeful for a fun year!
But then, usually my dreamy notions of how homeschool
will be are rudely shattered by kids who are crying because
they don't want to write in their journal, or learn their
multiplication tables...

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  1. We've used Life of Fred and my daughter enjoyed it. We have also used Time4Learning math and I think she like that better because it is online, colorful, and interactive. I can certainly relate to the crying kids (except mine is soon to be 14 and has teenager fits instead of crying :) ). I have learned never to plan details for more than a day at a time because my teenager seems to have an incredible way of rudely shattering all of my best layed plans! I hope you get to have at least a few days of dreamy notions! Happy homeschooling!


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