Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Barbie Wedding Dress

Back when my mom was a little girl, her mom crocheted her this
beautiful Barbie wedding dress for Christmas one year.  I remember
her showing it to me when I was little, and letting me play with it
if I was really careful!  It has little pearl beads sewn
around the hem, neckline, and sleeves. 
This fall when we thought we were going to adopt Mimi,
one of the things we knew about her was that she liked
playing with Barbies.  So I decided to try and copy my
mom's dress and make one for her.  I finally finished it this week!
It turned out pretty well, although I couldn't find the little
pearl beads so I used smaller glass beads instead.
Although I won't be able to give it to Mimi,
hopefully someday I will be able to give it to
another special little girl.

Speaking of adoption, we are going to be considered as a family
for another little girl, (I'm just going to call her A for now on the blog)
in the next couple months.  They haven't set the date for the match
meeting yet.  They are considering 3 other families as well,
so we won't necessarily be chosen as her family.  She is under a
year old and really cute!  We are hopeful and trusting God
will send A to the family that is best for her.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's!


  1. Beautiful little dress. I learned to sew making Barbie clothes for my Sister. She would have loved that crocheted dress. I only had boys so left my Barbie skills behind! :) Prayers continuing for a girl in your family!

  2. Hi
    great post. I love all of her dresses, very unique! My bridesmaids and I are actually going to look at wedding dresses in Burlington this weekend in hopes of finding that perfect dress Wedding Dresses


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