Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hymnal Snowflakes

The kids and I had a fun time this morning making snowflakes
from old hymnal pages!  I got the idea from Anita Diaz at Far Above Rubies.
She has lots of great ideas for using family antiques in her décor,
craft ideas, and beautiful photos of the Great Smoky Mountains.
They turned out great!  After we were done making them I ironed
them to press them flat, which worked really well.

This is my "homemade tree" in the kitchen.
Besides the hymnal snowflakes, I also have crocheted
snowflakes that I made this fall, and paper cones
my Mom and I made one year.
We decorated them with vintage buttons and trims,
stickers, and ribbons.
I also hung some snowflakes from the windows.
(AJ had a mouthful of candy when I took this picture...)

Christmas decorating is so fun, and being able to enjoy
it with the kids is an added blessing!

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