Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Bliss

~Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree~
Emily Bronte
With the cooler weather these days, a nice hot cup
of tea is just what we need to warm us from the inside out!

Red transferware works so well with many different seasons,
and I love it paired with the rustic reds and golds of fall.

This tea cup is called, 'Girl at Well", by Spode.

I hope you find time to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall today too!


  1. A lovely tea tray with your red transferware, and the pear looks delicious.

  2. So pretty. I love your tea service. Everything looks so welcoming. A perfect spot for tea.

    Jocelyn @

  3. Your tea tray is beautifully set up. I adore your teapot and teacup!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and serene - beautifully set - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  5. Hi Carmen,
    What a pretty tea setting! As you know, I love red transferware and your Spode is absolutely beautiful! Love both the teacup and teapot! The pear looks delicious. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea.


  6. Your tea vignette looks like a lovely still-life painting!

  7. Hello Carmen, I am delighted to share that your post was one of the Top Viewed Posts at A Return to Loveliness - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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