Monday, October 14, 2013

Ending Early

 Our PD loves football.  He loves to tackle,
loves to run, and loves the camaraderie of the team.
Here he goes last Saturday, breaking away from the pack...
All the way to the end zone for a touchdown!

The team won their game, and PD made 14 points, we were
so happy for him!  But then his hand started hurting, and he
 said that during the game one of the other team's players had
crashed into his hand with his helmet.  It wasn't getting better
so today I took him in for an x-ray and sure enough, he has
a fractured knuckle.  So, no more football this year.  It was
rough news for our boy who loves to play. 
(All photos courtesy of my friend and fellow team mom, Ellen)

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