Sunday, October 7, 2012

Knitting a Sunbonnet Sue dishcloth

The weather really cooled down this weekend and we had our first freeze last night.  The cooler temperatures put me in the mood for knitting and crocheting again!  So I've been trying out a few of those patterns I've pinned to Pinterest over the past year.  Currently I'm working on a Sunbonnet Sue dishcloth.  Here's the pattern link.  It's really cute!  I like Sunbonnet Sue quilts too, don't you?  Hope you all had a good and restful Sunday--

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  1. Yes - I love both Sunbonnet Sue and Holly Hobby!
    They convey such old-fashioned sweetness to me :-)
    Sounds like you have perfect weather for knitting and crocheting.
    Your dishcloth is going to be lovely.
    God bless you, Carmen.


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