Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turning junk into treasures

Behind the old stone house on our place is this old shed.  It mostly had old wood and a few pieces of old yucky furniture in it when we moved here.  But there are a few treasures to be found!  I was over there looking around the other day, and suddenly I noticed these doors nailed over the shed windows.
I'm quite sure they are from the stone house, because there a 2 others just like them in the upstairs of the house.  The stone house is 130 years old, so who knows how old the doors are.  They have several coats of paint peeling off, all pastel colors.  So... I thought, I wonder if one of them would work for a headboard for our bed?  The person who nailed them to the shed would probably roll over in his grave if he saw what we did next!  LA helped me pull one out (he's standing on an old desk in the photo) and we hauled it back to the house.  I measured it and it was the perfect size for the bed!
All I had to do was buy a 2x4 and 4 bolts and persuade Andy to put it together for me.  (:  He cut the 2x4 in half, bolted the pieces to the bed frame, and then screwed the door to the 2x4s.  And presto! We have a headboard for our bed, and for only about $5!
I think it looks pretty neat- the men in the house are a little more skeptical.  This morning when AJ saw it for the first time he said, "whoa, what's that?"  I said, "it's called a headboard."  He looked at me funny and said, "that's not a headboard, that's a door."  Oh well.  At least I like it!  (:


  1. So do I!!
    I think it looks really great!
    It's a lot of fun when you discover new uses for interesting old things and get to give them a new life again.
    There's so much you can do with a door when you have imagination.
    I love your quilt too :-)

  2. You know I would love it! Looks great. Did you make your quilt? It's really pretty.

  3. Thanks! The guys around here still aren't real impressed-- but oh well, they'll get used to it!! (: Yes, I made the quilt a couple years ago.


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