Friday, August 31, 2012

The auto shop

One thing that I am really thankful for is that my husband works at home!  A year ago Andy started an auto repair shop here at our place.  It has been so great having him around- I can go out and bother him anytime I want!  Of course, starting a new business has it's ups and downs, sometimes things are really hopping and there are lots of cars in the yard, and sometimes it's a little slower. 
But all in all it has been a great experience and a great way to get to know our neighbors better too.  The boys can go out and talk to their Dad anytime, and the older ones are learning to fix tires and do smaller repairs as well.  Sometimes there's even time for a little motorbike ride in the middle of the day-
We are indeed blessed!

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  1. Having a home-based business can definitely make a difference with regards to family relationships. You can get to work anytime, do anything in between without having to worry on a boss. Great job to your hubby and may you be blessed with more customers.


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