Friday, August 17, 2012

Some observations after the first week of school

Ready for the first day of school!

We are sending our kids to public school this year, after many years of home schooling.  Here are a few observations after the first week--

1. We go through a lot more clothes- I had to go out on Wednesday and buy more socks!

2. They are doing about how we thought they would, some think it's great fun and some think it's a big waste of time!

3. It is extremely quiet in the house all day.  I have to keep the radio on.

4. I always have plenty of time to talk with Andy about things now, so that's kind of nice.  (He works from home- which I am so thankful for!)

5. LA is driving the kids to school, and it makes me feel really old to have them all just drive away by themselves and leave me home!

6. Adjusting to life in school makes for some tired out boys.  Hopefully they'll get used to it soon!

7. Saturdays are more anticipated than they ever have been before. (:


  1. Walon and Evey were looking at your blog with me and W wants to know if Sam likes to play hide and seek. They liked looking at their cousins in Kansas!

    1. Yes, he likes hide and seek, the four youngest boys were just playing it tonight in the pasture by our house. (: I showed S and A your blog so they could see their cousins too- they liked the candy store pics!

  2. I only have one gone to school and it has been a change for me! I hear ya with the radio thing....when the kiddos are gone I need some noise! Hope you have a great school year!

  3. Ok. We really need to get together some day soon!

  4. Sure! What day works for you?


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