Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Chickens

Well, I can check one thing off my summer to-do list!  We got the chicken coop all done!  This February we got 25 baby chicks in the mail and they just started laying eggs a few weeks ago.  In the past we have always let our chickens roam free, but last year something ate them all, probaby a coyote or coon, who knows.  So we decided to build them a chicken coop this time. 
Andy built the nest boxes on the back, along with a window for light.  The top board slides back and forth so you can get to the eggs.
Hopefully the chickens appreciate their nice accomodations, it took me a long time to paint it all today!
Except for this one, she might be kind of mad at me, but she got too close to the paint brush!


  1. Love the coop. Just got chicks and want to build a similar structure. Do you have plans you could share?
    -Laura (friend of Charity P. in El Paso)

    1. I'm sorry, I don't have plans, we just used some scrap wood we had for the actual building part, and then just built the fence around it. Enjoy your chickens- and tell Charity hi from us!


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