Monday, July 13, 2015

Sweet teatimes with Miss E

Sometimes you just need to stop and have a little quiet tea time
with your daughter, you know?

I found these matching pink rose tea cups at an estate sale
a few weeks ago.  I have a weakness for pink rose china,
so that was the theme of our tea party today.

I also wanted to show you this sweet little toy kitchen cupboard.
My mom received it from a friend at an auction, and she
gave it to Miss E for her room.  I'm not sure how old it might
be, but it's made of cardboard.  The little tea set was
mine when I was little.  Miss E loves to look at it
and talk about her teddy bears drinking tea!

I'm joining Tea Time Tuesday again!


  1. Lovely post! Your little girl will remember these special times with her mama.

  2. What a sweet little girl and a sweet tea time too. The wee cupboard is very cute and just right for little hands. How wonderful to still have your little tea set! Thank you for sharing your special tea time with us and have a lovely week.


  3. So sweet! I am completed charmed by your wonderful post.

  4. SO Sweet ... I'm sure that little .. Miss over the moon sharing teatime with her mommy..and her little cupboard is adorable especially since you have your very own little tea set to share.... Such a loving post... Have a beautiful day..Hugs


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