Saturday, January 3, 2015

January is gray, but tea is good.

I decided on my New Year's resolution~
have more tea parties!! I don't think Miss E
will argue, she loves the pretty dishes and the tea.
Since January is kind of a blue and gray month, we are using
our blue transferware today.  This little china dog and cat
were given to me by my Grandma after her trips to Holland
back when I was a little girl.  Miss E loved them.

Our teacups are "Liberty Blue" and feature Paul Revere.

My antique doll, which is wearing my mother in law's
crocheted dress and baby bonnet, joined us.

Since January is so gray, it is nice to make
things happier with a cup of good tea.
I'm a blessed mama!

Good to the last drop...

I'll be joining Sandy's Tea Time Tuesday next week.


  1. I remember your grandpa and grandma at our house for tea in The Netherlands. The tablecloth where all the guests signed their names still is in use. :)

  2. Hi Carmen,
    I love Liberty Blue and the wee cat and dog ornaments are darling! How wonderful they came from your grandmother; real little treasures. You and Miss E will no doubt enjoy many tea parties in the coming months and I look forward to you sharing some of them with us. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time today and have a lovely week. Happy New Year!


  3. Liberty blue is a great set. I have quite a bit of it.

  4. You two stay inside where it is cozy today! Liberty Blue, love it!

  5. Very sweet! The tea set is great!

  6. Your blue transferware tea set is lovely!


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