Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekend Visit

Miss E is here for the weekend, and we are having so much fun!
Here's some tidbits from the last couple days--

Miss E loves our horses, she is always pointing toward their pen, wanting to go over there when we're outside.

She loves to run up to her brothers and tackle them!

She likes to ride on things, like she had AJ pushing her around and around the yard in a toy car this afternoon.

Other than the horses, kitties would be her second favorite thing to check out outside.  

Miss E said "mama" to me today for the first time!!  ( her foster mom never called herself mama to Miss E, so that I would be her first mom)

Her first hair-do by me was a big failure- it looked like something from Hunger games according to PD...  I think I figured out pigtails now though!

It just seems like she fits just right in our family, and we are feeling so blessed!

In order for her to move here permanently, we are waiting for the state to return some paperwork, then we can sign the adoption placement agreement and bring her home to stay.  It should be anytime now.  Thanks for your prayers for us, we are so thrilled to have Miss E in our family!!

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