Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finally a day at home

Wow, the last week has been busy!  Last Thursday my mom and I, and SJ and AJ all went up to see Miss E, and take her to her doctor appointment.  Poor little girl was scared to death of the doctor and nurses, so she had a rough afternoon.  But she had a good report from the doctor so we are thankful for that.  Then we hurried home for PD's first football game.

Then the next morning we left for a weekend vacation to Colorado, to see Andy's parents.  We met at a vacation log house, and it was just so beautiful!  We were able to do lots of fun things, like seeing the Royal Gorge, going on a hike, riding go carts and playing laser tag, and the boys climbed the mountain next to our cabin.  The only thing that would have made it better was if Miss E could have been with us, we were missing her the whole time.

After getting home from Colorado late Monday night, SJ and AJ and I loaded up in the suburban again yesterday morning for another visit up to see Miss E.  She is just so sweet and lovable!  (See her toes, below!) This time she came running out of the house to see us, all smiles, so she is getting more and more comfortable with us.  We went to the zoo and had lots of fun, even though it was very hot and muggy.  On Friday we get to go get her and bring her home for the weekend, yay!

Now today I'm back to the routine of doing laundry and homeschool.

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