Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Bathroom- before and after

One fun thing we did this winter was give our master bathroom
a makeover!  We love log cabins, and have never been able to live
in one, so we decided maybe we could at least have a log cabin bathroom.
First- the before pictures.
It had this nice plastic bathtub on one side,
and a little bitty shower on the other-
very 90s doublewide looking...

So we (meaning Andy) tore out everything but the toilet,
and put in new oak cabinets, new vinyl floor, and our
favorite part- pine siding for the walls.
Now- the after pictures.
We bought unfinished cabinets and stained and varnished them.
Where the bathtub had been we put in a new 48" shower,
and I sewed a cabin themed shower curtain for it.

Andy made this cool towel rack from a deer antler-
I love it!

We are very pleased with the results-
now it feels like we're on vacation all the time! (:

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