Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Garden In My Mind

I've been doing a lot of dreaming about this summer's garden already, have you?  The seeds we ordered are already here!  Yes, there is snow outside, and the wind is freezing, but it's so fun to plan and imagine how the garden will look this summer!  So, as I was looking through my old issues of gardening magazines I found this poem on the back of an old Birds and Blooms-

The Garden in My Mind
I have a secret garden
Where lilies never fade.
The daisies never wither,
And roses bloom in shade.
Brick paths are lined with larkspur,
And bee balm blooms bright red.
Bringing hummingbirds to sip
The nectar from each head.
Lilies surround the birdbath
Where robins come to call.
Blue jays come to the feeder
That stands against the wall.
There are chores that I must do,
I know I cannot stay.
Garden scenes will wait for me.
They're just a thought away.
~Joseph Fecher~
Keep dreaming!

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