Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Books I've loved this year

One Thousand Gifts... Yeah, this one's been around awhile but I read it again this year and got a lot out of it again.  It was interesting to see how it strikes me different now than it did 5 years ago.

Saving my Assassin... This is an autobiography of a lady who grew up in communist Romania and went on to become a defense attorney for believers.  It was hard to put down!  It challenged me to appreciate our freedoms more.

Hope Heals... An inspiring story of perseverance through hard medical challenges, very good.

Plain Faith... The true story of an Amish family who found freedom from the legalism of the Amish church when they accepted Christ.  It challenged me to think about how legalism is affecting my life as well.

She is Mine... The sad but true story of a little orphan girl in Vietnam who is miraculously saved from death multiple times and chosen to be the daughter of a missionary couple.  Eye opening.

The Heart of England... I got this book about England at the thrift store and really enjoyed it.  England is one of the places I would love to visit someday.

In a Sun-scorched Land... The true story of the years long journey to bring three children home from Haiti to be adopted by their new family.  Shows God's good work!

The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God... I liked this book because it shows how God uses imperfect people and how he can work in our lives to change us into who he wants us to be.

Falling Free... Just finished this new book and really appreciated her heart for hurting people.  If we would just love people like we should this old world would be a lot better place!

Father to the Fatherless... A great and inspiring story of how God used one poor little child to grow up and be a father to hundreds of street children in Kenya through orphanages that he started.  Amazing story!

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