Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Crafts for the Kids

Yesterday my mom came over and did some fun fall crafts with our youngest 3 kids, and since they were simple and fun to do I thought I'd share the ideas with you all.  The first one was preserving fresh maple leaves.  My mom had freshly picked leaves off the tree, and the kids painted them front and back with Mod Podge, and then we hung them up to dry.  They have since curled up a little, but they have kept their color really well.

The second craft she had for the kids was making leaf animals.  The original idea she found here, where there are lots of great examples.  But our kids had fun using the different shaped leaves to create animals and people (and aliens, of course).  For this craft you just need to press a variety of shaped leaves in a book a week or two ahead, then glue them on a paper and add legs or eyes or whatever you need with a marker.  The kids had lots of fun, so thanks Mom!

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