Monday, October 26, 2015


Our harvesting is done and our wheat is planted!  We are thankful to God for giving us a good harvest this year.  He has blessed us in so many ways.  I really enjoy farm life, and one of the reasons is because we live so close to the land.  We are completely dependent on God to send us rain at the right times.
I decided to delete my Facebook account.  It was just getting to be too much, if you know what I mean.
The trees are getting bare around here, the leaves that are left are mostly just brown now.
I am really looking forward to Christmas this year!  I am playing Christmas music already.  For a change I'm going to put my Christmas village under the tree this year.
We are going to make a trip out to Colorado to visit family pretty soon, so we are all looking forward to that.  Hopefully the weather will be nice, you never know at this time of year.

I was reading some old newspaper articles from our small town from 1918-1920 that I found online.  Our small town now has a population of about 200, but back then they had a revival that lasted several weeks, and they had 1400 people attending each night.  So many of the small towns in our area are looking pretty sad these days.  I wish we could have a revival like that again!

I haven't felt seizurish for a couple months now, thankfully, so the family is starting to let me drive short distances again, yay!

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