Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hurray for the Broncos!

On Sunday some of us went to the Chiefs and Broncos NFL game
in Kansas City.  It was really interesting and really cold!
As DJ said though, at least the Broncos won so we didn't
sit there in the cold for nothing!  He's a diehard Broncos
fan.  The picture below was before the Superbowl
last February.

As I sat there with all the other crazy people who came
out to watch a game in freezing weather, I was wondering
just how many millions of dollars were spent on this one
game.  You add up all the ticket prices, the travel costs,
the players' salaries, the cost of the stadium, it's a lot!
But, it was fun and some good memories were made,
and that's worth something, right?

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