Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Lack

We are still having computer and internet problems.  So frustrating!  The above photo is from a couple years ago, but it won't be long and we should have a new foal or two around here again!  Spring is a great time of year.  There are signs of spring here in our neck of the woods, tulips poking up through the ground, NCAA tournament brackets lying around the house, lots of wind, and wild turkeys strutting around in the fields.  I am thinking about Easter.  Have you ever noticed the lack of Easter decorations and Easter music, especially compared to Christmas?  It doesn't make sense.  Easter is a much more joyous holiday for Believers, but all I can find in the store to decorate my house with are cheap plastic eggs and stuffed rabbits.  If any of you know of any good Easter decorating ideas let me know.  Pinterest didn't help me out either.  I did manage to round up a few Easter songs for a playlist, so that's been nice, but it's nothing compared to what's available for Christmas.  One of my favorites is He's Alive by the Continentals.  Well, this post is a little scattered, kind of like my life lately, but I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the springtime blessings God has given us this week!

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