Saturday, June 8, 2013


One thing that Andy really enjoys is being able to do a little farming.  He started renting some ground from my Grandpa this year and today he finished planting soybeans.  It was a good feeling to get them in the ground and then tonight we got a little rain to get them growing!  Hopefully it won't be as dry this year as the last couple years have been.

Remember the raised garden we built last winter?  It's doing pretty good!  We've enjoyed some lettuce, sugar snap peas, cilantro and onions out of it so far.  I really like having it just outside the door- as I'm cooking I can run out there and get whatever I need.  Gardening is fun!  I want to try and get some roses to grow over the arbor yet.
This is such a nice time of year, everything is so nice and fresh and green and growing- have I mentioned I love country living?? (:

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