Sunday, April 10, 2016

Field Trip Time

One of the advantages of home schooling is being able to take lots of field trips.  Getting to see history or science in person is much better than studying it in a book!  So now that the weather is warmer we decided to head out and see what we could see. 
Our first stop was this old mill.  They are currently restoring it, so we didn't go inside, but it was fun to imagine how life might have been 140 years ago when this mill was built.
Here is an early photo of the mill, I'm sure it's good fishing there below the dam!

After our windy picnic lunch we stopped at the oldest courthouse still in use in our state.  The boys liked the cannon out front, as well as seeing the old jail in the back of the courthouse.
The jail was full of signatures of inmates scratched on the walls and bars, along with marks keeping track of their time.  I do not enjoy touring old jails, but the kids thought it was interesting.
Then we toured this old ranch.  The original owners spared no expense in the building of their stone house, barn, and outbuildings.  We enjoyed seeing the old house and figured if we lived there we would lose people, there were so many different rooms and nooks and crannies!

Now we're ready for another adventure!

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