Monday, February 8, 2016

Loving Tea Parties

My great aunt gave us an amaryllis bulb kit for Christmas this year, and I was excited to try it since we've never had one before.  It did not disappoint!  Miss E and I enjoyed having a little tea party with the beautiful amaryllis front and center last week.

Miss E asked me who made it and I was glad to tell her God did!  

This pretty little Valentine belonged to my Great Grandma.

With Valentines day and our pretty red amaryllis, we had to use our red transferware.

These teacups are called Romantic England, by J.G. Meakin.

The amaryllis has cheered up our winter, we might have to get one every year!

I am joining No place like home


  1. Hi Carmen,
    Your amaryllis is a beauty and perfect for your tea table. I love your red transferware. The teacup is a delightful pattern. Transferware is so very charming and perfect for a Valentine's Day tea. Little Miss E is very blessed to hear that God made the beautiful flower. She won't forget. Thanks for sharing with us and have a lovely week.


  2. I didn't get an amaryllis this year and I'm sorry that I didn't. Yours is beautiful. Your transferware is perfect for Valentine's Day.

  3. I have never had an amaryllis. I think I might have to get one. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Dear Carmen:
    I see you love tea parties. I am in a face book group called AFternoon Tea Across America. If you are on face book you might like to check it out as the ladies are very nice. Your bulb really did well. Love your red transferware too!

  5. Such a beautiful tea party with the lovely amaryllis gracing the table, along with your red transferware, just beautiful! And how wonderful to have a special teaching moment for your sweet little one about the Lord too! Have a blessed day :)


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