Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Been Camping

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, but we've been busy-
you know when you go camping with 5 kids it takes at
least 3 days to get ready to go, and 3 days to clean up
when you get home, which is probably why we don't
do it very often!  But here's a look at our fun weekend-
Lots of good camp food

Free kayak rentals
Beautiful lake scenery
Lots of good visits with extended family
Pelican entertainment
And last but definitely not least, a sweet, sweet,
great-niece to hold!
We had a great time, until a storm came and almost blew our tent away,
and most of our stuff got soaking wet.  But that worked out too because
Andy's folks had a cabin we could hunker down in for the night!

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